70-Year-Old Trump Supporter ‘Excited’ at Prospect of Using N-Word Regularly Again

Source: Wikimedia

BALTIMORE, MD – With presidential candidate Donald Trump’s grip on the Republican nomination tightening with each passing day, one of his supporters is particularly excited about what the hopeful’s success could mean for everyday life.

Marshall Gathers, a white 70-year-old former electrician from Baltimore, MD, is looking forward to the potential change in political climate, “With Mr. Trump protecting my right to speak my mind without any of this damn political correctness, I’m excited to finally start calling those blacks what they should be called – [racial expletive].”

Since the election of President Barack Obama in 2008, Gathers said he has been wary of using such language but that the election of Mr. Trump would give him the mandate he needs to “speak his mind.”

“Back in the 60s, no one even batted an eye if you called them a [racial expletive] but now you can’t even say the word!  I’ve even heard kids called it the ‘N-word’ like they’re afraid of it.  If this isn’t political correctness run amok, I don’t know what is,” said Gathers, “Next you’re going to tell me we can’t call gays [expletive].”

In addition to his views on the political climate, Gathers noted that he is also excited about Mr. Trump cutting government spending on social programs, “I can’t wait for him to finally cut the cord on those entitlement programs and make those lazy bums work for a living.”

Gathers is enrolled in Medicare and receives Social Security checks monthly.