George W. Bush’s pants spontaneously combust after uttering the word ‘inflame’

CHARLESTON, SC – In the midst of assisting brother Jeb on his presidential campaign in South Carolina, former United States President George W. Bush’s pants caught on fire as he spoke at a rally just outside of Charleston.

According to onlookers, the fire, which Bush attempted to extinguish with his own breath consequently leading him to pass out face-first on the stage, caught immediately after Bush finished a statement that ended with how the President “should not inflame our frustration.”

A Black Lives Matter activist who was in attendance and had originally planned on demonstrating decided to refrain from any activity as he said the moment was, “…too perfect.  Anything I did would have taken away from the magic.”

“In a sick sort of way it was almost nice to see W’s [expletive] eating grin again after all these years,” the activist continued, “I’m very much looking forward to what the rest of South Carolina has in store”.

The Daily Orb will continue it’s coverage of the Bush brothers’ campaign across South Carolina as it regresses progresses.