Local man cut off at intersection; now hates organization on car’s bumper sticker

Photo by Jon Collier

BETHESDA, MD – A local man has admitted that he has quickly develop a deep, inexplicable hatred for the organization whose bumper sticker is displayed on the car who just cut him off at the last intersection.

“I’m just minding my own business and this car comes out of nowhere and cuts right in front of me,” said public accountant Miles Lofton, “I had to slam on my brakes or else I would have crashed right into it!”

Lofton reported he then noticed a St. Mary’s School for Girls bumper sticker on the lift gate of the vehicle.

“St. Mary’s School for Girls HUH??  They obviously do a great job in breeding DEGENERATE DRIVERS OVER THERE,” Lofton continued.

When asked if he would consider sending his own daughters to the prestigious local school he replied, “Not a chance in hell.”