Trump Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Club that Accepts all People

OSLO, Norway It has been a long time coming, but President Donald Trump is finally receiving the credit he is due. The President, renowned internationally for his unprecedented level of tolerance, received the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, Saturday night, for his ability to open a country club where all are welcome. Ms. Kaci Kullman Five, who presented the award on behalf of the Nobel Committee, offered praise for the businessman-turned-president

“Mr. Trump was the only person in the 1990s to have the courage and bravery to open a country club that allowed all people to be members. An idea that was unheard of anywhere in the world at the time,” Five said, as she visibly choked back tears.

The audience proceeded to give the president a two-minute standing ovation. The president, appearing stoic as always, simply said “Thank you. I’m so glad I did it. This has given me great credit for what I did.”

Although it took place in the 90s, Trump’s altruistic deed was not unveiled until his infamous inaugural presidential debate against then-democratic hopeful and now-imprisoned convict, Hillary Clinton on September 26, 2016. During the debate he informed viewers of the “tremendously successful club” and all the groundbreaking efforts he made to accept all races in a community he described as both “tough” and “brilliant.” The country club quickly became a beacon of hope in Palm Beach County.

Members like Arthur Long, an African American, was a Senior Vice President at IBM at the time.

“All of my White friends back then were constantly talking about the country clubs they went to. But, you know, back then African Americans weren’t allowed in any country clubs in this nation, so for a $100,000 fee, I finally felt accepted,” he explained.

Trump follows in the footsteps of two previous presidents who have received the Nobel Peace Prize since the turn of the millennium. Jimmy Carter received it in 2002 for his efforts to spread democracy and human rights while Barack Obama received it in 2009 for his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation.

Now President Donald Trump has joined the list for allowing African Americans and Muslims into his country club.